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Bei mir hatte Sean Lien schon gewonnen

Nun hat Taiwan also gewählt, und auch wenn es nur Lokalwahlen waren, haben sie das politische Gesicht des Landes verändert. Und zwar so:

Taiwan Election Results 2014 Before and After15* Städte und Kreise waren bislang blau, also von der Kuomintang (KMT) regiert. Künftig werden es noch sechs sein.

Verloren hat die KMT: (mehr …)

Hat Sean Lien die Rechnung ohne die Wähler gemacht?

„Princeling“ nennt man vor allem in China die Sprösslinge mächtiger Familien, die eher aufgrund ihrer Herkunft als ihrer Verdienste wichtige Ämter bekleiden. In Taiwan gibt es das auch. Aber hier haben die Wähler das letzte Wort, und die könnten in Taipeh für eine dicke Überraschung sorgen.


Am Samstag haben wir mal wieder Großwahltag. Bürgermeister, Landräte, Stadträte, Gemeindevertreter… fast 20.000 Kandidaten treten an. Am besten kenne ich (mehr …)

Driving up Elephant Mountain is only easy if you know how

Of course, the best way to climb Elephant Mountain and enjoy the famous postcard view of Taipei 101 is hiking there. But maybe you need to carry heavy camera equipment, or want to take visitors up there by scooter or car? If time and convenience are of the essence, this is how to drive there.

Elephant Mountain Taipei 101

So just get on your scooter, start your car, and follow these instructions. (mehr …)

I am on Vine now!

What can you tell in six seconds of video? With the Vine app, millions of users worldwide are trying to find out – with surprising results. I joined only recently. Check out my sweet little impressions of life in Taiwan!

Being a TV journalist by profession, I like to tell stories with moving images. So I took to Vine and its video loops instead of Instagram, which is mainly focussed on photos.

One Vine a day keeps boredom away

Check out my Vine profile to see all videos, and follow me so you don’t miss future updates:

While in Taiwan, I will try to post a Vine video on a daily basis. (mehr …)

My first encounter with Canadian cuisine

I don’t often visit Western restaurants in Taipei, but Whalen’s on Anhe Rd. is one I will probably come back to.

Maybe it’s simply because it is a Canadian establishment, and therefore has a slightly exotic aura for a Central European like me, but Whalen’s does some thing rights that I tend to dislike about other Western restaurants in Taiwan:

  • Interesting food options you cannot get everywhere
  • A pleasant dark-wood interior design that doesn’t feel fake
  • Prices that are not ridiculously expensive
  • Laid-back, unobstrusive service
  • You will leave feeling sorry that you were not able to finish it all

First, let me say that I probably would not have thought of visiting Whalen’s had the owner not contacted me and invited me over for this review. So, full disclaimer, I didn’t have to pay. But I probably would not have regretted it either. Anyway, kudos for recognizing the power of the blogosphere and online rep.

Whalens Canadian Restaurant Taipei

Whalen’s is strategically located on Anhe Rd., so everyone who regularly (mehr …)

It’s all about Taipei!

Many Taiwanese netizens are ridiculing a campaign video of Sean Lien (連勝文) meeting a group of foreigners over lunch. Lien is the KMT’s Taipei City mayoral candidate. Me, I am not sure what to make of that video. So I invited two fictitious friends over for a discussion.

Sean Lien foreigners 連勝文 外國人

A friendly debate

Mr. Blue: So I just saw that video of Sean Lien’s lunch talk with foreigners.

Mr. Green: The one everybody is making fun of right now? That currently has 158 likes and 3019 dislikes on YouTube?

Lien Youtube Screenshot

Yeah, I don’t think that’s really fair. (mehr …)