Why urban renewal should never be allowed to destroy Taipei’s traditions

Taipei, like so much of Taiwan, is constantly changing. Urban renewal and beautifiction, construction and „development“ make a lot of places more pleasant, but they also threaten to destroy a lot of what was good about the old. A young designer was flown in from Europe, experienced Taipei’s oldest quarter and made some great observations.

Having stayed in Taipei for just two weeks, Pablo Calderon Salazar has really made the best of his time. The Columbian designer, a resident of Brussels, was invited by the Taipei City government for a two-week stay as part of an exchange program. (Taipei will be the World Design Capital 2016 and is looking for international exposure.)

Calderon’s mission was to get to know Wanhua district, learn about the urban renewal processes going on there, and with his fresh outsider perspective hopefully come up with some ideas to inspire the locals.

A walking tour with a foreign guide

Designer Tour Wanhua Taipei

Last Friday, he took 50 people on an extended walking tour around „his“ Wanhua, sharing his experiences and observations. (mehr …)