Amazing videos about Taiwan

There are some many interesting videos on Taiwan out there that it’s hard to keep track of those really worth watching. Here are some I consider worthwhile.

A collection of interesting historic Taiwan footage is online at Vintage Formosa.

My YouTube channel

Documentaries (contemporary)

Dear Taiwan 好國好民

Taiwanese or Chinese? Documentary about the identity of Taiwan’s younger generation.

Almost Home: Taiwan

A Documentary on Taiwan’s Struggle for Democracy. Official Homepage.

Voices in the Clouds

Documentary about tribal culture in Taiwan (teaser). Official Homepage.

Red Caution

Three-part documentary chronicling the unrest surrounding PRC envoy Chen Yunlin’s Taipei visit in November 2008. Manipulative, but powerful.

English (misc.)

Taiwan: The Face of Free China
1960 US documentary full of amazing color footage, hair-raising clichees and lots of propaganda. The very last sentence is pure gold.

Taiwan’s youth seek identity in China’s shadow

AFP report: „As Taiwan’s ties with China grow closer, the island’s younger generation face tough choices — and struggle to carve out their own identity.“

Seediq Bale – Theatrical Trailer – English Subtitled (HD)

Trailer for Taiwan’s biggest movie so far, about a 1930 Aboriginal rebellion against the Japanese (Wushe Incident).

Big Picture: The Army in Taiwan

US military in Taiwan, ca. early 1970s. Propaganda in glorious colour. Nice shots of Kinmen, Taipei without cars etc.

Big Picture: Assignment Taiwan

US military assistance to the ROC, ca. 1965. Cold War propaganda at its best, 30 minutes full of factual errors and amazing b/w footage of Taiwan, Kinmen („Quemoy“), the 1949 KMT exodus etc.

Smartphones save dogs in Taiwan

Report on the work of The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Taiwan.

CNN Interview with Ma Ying-jeou (2007)

CNN TalkAsia interview with Ma Ying-jeou when he was still Taiwan’s opposition leader and mayor of Taipei (intro and three parts).

CNN Interview with Chen Shui-bian (2007)

CNN TalkAsia interview with Chen Shui-bian when he was still Taiwan’s president, long before he was put on trial for corruption charges (intro and three parts).

Just watch!

Time for Taiwan – My Beautiful Island (HD) 臺灣觀光首支全球電影廣告

New international promotional video, shot using movie production values to incorporate the island’s natural beauty and cultural diversity into a short film.

Taipei by louisch

Jaw-droppingly beautiful mountain sceneries.


PassionRepublic Taiwan Trip

Malaysians come to Taiwan and make everything look beautiful.

Taiwan Will Touch Your Heart

Some very very nice shots in HD, and Taiwan’s former official tourism song.

Deutsche Taiwan-Videos


Extra 3 – Die Sendung mit dem Klaus: Taiwan

Was an der Taiwanstraße wirklich los ist.

Wasserkraft in Taiwan

Suche nach alternativen Energiequellen: Bericht der Deutschen Welle über ein Hydrokraftwerk in Südtaiwan.

Do you now more videos that should be listed here?

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  1. Anyun sagt:

    Ich möchte ein neuer Film empfehlen:
    Das ist ein 2-teiliger Spielfilm, der auf wahre Geschichte vor 80 Jahren in Taiwan basierte. Bald in September kann man sie im Kino Taiwans anschauen. Die Geschichte Taiwans waren erfüllte von solchen Invasion der kolonialen Mächte und brutalen Assimilation. Dies Geschichte erzählt uns das erste Erwachen eines gemeinsamen Zugehörigkeitsgefühls Taiwans, daher kann man sie auch als der Keim von Nationalgefühlen Taiwans sprechen. Dies war unsere reale Geschichte, nicht die Märchen von Hundertjahre Entstehungsgeschichte ROCs. Ein Freund hat mir mal erzähltet, „霧社起義沒有成功,那是埔里的平地人動作太慢(原來埔里與霧社是相約同時起義),不過,當時其他地方的平地人內心是震撼的,那也是一次台灣民族胎動的大事件。莫那魯道僅僅針對日本人,而避免殺害平地人,因為他知道我們利害相關,過去的恩怨都不如日本人的威脅大。 希望,台灣人不要再歷史重演,了解莫那魯道的英靈,他已經在很久以前就用行動告訴我們,他不只是賽德克的莫那,也是台灣的莫那。

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